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Bethesda Choir Concert: "The God of Our Salvation"

April 9th, 4:00 pm, in the Sanctuary

Bethesda’s choir will again offer the opportunity to celebrate the season with a variety of wonderful anthems accompanied with guest, Anne Kubiatowitz at the piano, Karen Martin, organ, and several brass and percussion instrumentalists from UWEC.

Solos include Dr Kathryn Duax, Roger Rowe and Julie Yule.  Pastor Brian Quade will read several scriptures to blend the amazing Easter story together which starts with Worship of “The God of Our Salvation.”  Then the program moves on to God’s plan for mankind from before the beginning of creation, the Easter story. It concludes with a review of the big picture and leaves one to ponder how to respond to it all.

A freewill offering will be received and given to Eau Claire’s Good News Jail and Prison Ministry and Bethesda’s Deacon Fund which helps families and people in need. Child care will be provided.