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Lil Larson

Lil Larson

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About Me

I have been at Bethesda since 1990.

I have been a choir director at Bethesda from the beginning, first as a recruited volunteer, then part time employee and then full time. I have also been the Worship Director (which included the choir). After retirement, I was brought back part time for Choir only.

I grew up in a Christian home with an evangelical church and Bible college background. To put a 30 page story into three sentences, my journey led through several years of searching for assurance as a young person which culminated in my mid twenties when I grasped the “cross” part of my response to Christ’s call to walk in His ways. Everything about being called by His name made sense after that.

My husband and I have three children and two grandchildren. I still bike quite a bit but spend more time with kids and grand kids, love my amazing piano, love to travel, enjoy puzzles, and must keep up our home and yard, etc.

I am a Green Bay Packers fan — the pride of all Wisconsin residents!