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Giving at Bethesda

If you are a first-time guest (to Bethesda or the website) or do not consider yourself a Christian, we do not expect you to give your money; we are simply glad to have you with us. If you visit a service, simply introduce yourself to us, so we can say hi and get to know you. That's your contribution to our service and ministry.

For those who call Bethesda home, however, giving cheerfully, generously, and sacrificially of our finances is part of worship (Phil 4:18). Those who follow Jesus do not labor only to achieve personal wealth or possessions, but do so as managers of God's resources, modeling Jesus to those around them.

As followers of Jesus, we seek to serve God in all things, and one of the ways we serve God is by honoring him with our wealth (2 Corinthians 9:7 Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. See also Prov 3:9, Deut 16:16-17). At Bethesda we ask our members and attendees to give, not by meeting some obligatory percentage, but to simply give as God calls us to: cheerfully, generously, and sacrificially. We want to give for the sake of the gospel because Jesus sacrificed for us, and all that we have is His anyway (Deut 8:17-18, 1 Chron 29:14, 1 Cor 4:7).

Thank you for your generous and faithful support of Bethesda's ministries!


eGiving Details and Instructions

Important! Please read before giving online.

  • Using eGiving is free for you, and any online giving method is welcome and accepted! The church and its ministries will benefit more from your donation when you give using your checking or savings account (ACH), because the fees are only pennies per transaction. We think it is important that you recognize that when you use Visa and MasterCard, an additional percentage of your gift goes to pay the credit card company.
    • To use the ACH method, you will need your bank's routing number and the account number you will be using; these can be found on a check or deposit slip.
    • We recognize that credit cards can be convenient ways to manage payments, but recommend that you only use a credit card if you pay it off each month.
  • Your giving transaction will display on your credit/debit card statement as: Church of the Lutheran Brethren.
  • We encourage you to set up an account for online giving, but it is not a requirement. If you plan to give online consistently, creating an account enables you to schedule or change your gifts, modify payment information, and view your online donations. Setting up an account is very simple, and you can do so by following the steps once you click the link below.