Service Times

Our Values

Why and when do we gather?

Throughout the Bible, followers of Christ are encouraged to meet together to check-in with one another, to remember all that Jesus did when he was on Earth, and to remind each other that our time on Earth is short (in the scheme of eternity) and that Jesus Christ is coming back again.

At Bethesda, we currently meet together on Sunday mornings to sing together, pray together, read scripture together, and hear a message from one of our pastors about what God has done for us in what Christ has done through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What music style is each worship service?

For the summer, we have two Sunday morning services, each with a different music style.

Sunday 9 am - Traditional (located in the sanctuary)

The music in the Traditional Service is primarily led by organ and piano. We select songs from our hymnal, but also include newer, modern hymns. (For example, In Christ Alone, Our Great God, All I Have In Christ, etc.) On some Sundays we have some instrumentalists from UW-Eau Claire help lead the hymns. Our Adult Choir sings regularly during the year.

Sunday 10:30 am - Eléeo (located in the gym)

The Greek word Eléeo means "moved with compassion." We are a service that welcomes everyone from all walks of like to come and experience Jesus. The service is band-led with the latest music while incorporating songs from hundreds of years ago into a fresh band feel. Artists include Veritical Church, Bethel Music, Hillsong United, Passion, and others. 

Sunday 10:30 am - Sanctuary (located in the sanctuary)

The Sanctuary Service is a place where you will be pointed to Christ as the source of all things: life, joy, salvation, grace and mercy. We hear the message from the speaker earlier in the service, which gives time after to pray, reflect, and confess our need for our Savior, Jesus Christ. The service is primarily piano-led with a band in a semi-charismatic way.

What is worship?

There are two ways to describe worship.  Many times, a person's first thought describes worship as a weekend service or music style.

However, the Apostle Paul describes worship as a personal, daily event:

"...I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you.
Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable.
This is truly the way to worship him." -Romans 12:1

When is Communion?

At Bethesda we regularly practice Communion, the Lord's Supper, every third Sunday of the month in all of our services. We also practice Communion at special services, like Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday.

On the Sundays we participate in Communion, we also take time at the end of the service to anoint and pray over the sick and hurting.